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Notice that when we switch shots, Tweety disappears from the shelf with Bugs and Wakko, and we can see Yakko in the picture over the nightstand. Also, some bendy toys (Dot and Bugs?!?...who knows...) appear on the close-up of the computer, but vanish in all the other shots.

GEEK 1: In the Newsreel opening, it says the Warners were created in 1930, but to have a 65th Anniversary show in 1994 means they were created in 1929! And in "Yakko's World", Tibet is not technically a country. <gulp!> In "Cookies for Einstein", E=mc^2 is not the relativity formula, it is the mass-energy conversion formula.

And Slappy's driving a Dodge Viper but races the Road-Runner which was the name of Dodge Charger RT-variant in the '60s! And the numbers in that "Yakko's Universe" song are so wrong, it's hardly enjoyable.

And in the theme song, it's pay-or-play contracts, not pay-for-play. Some people think it's "for", but it's "or". The close-captioning was wrong when it said "for". And in the "Pinky and the Brain" title, the Tokyo Movie Shinsha version, which is on ones, it has BH 90201, which is supposed to be BH — Beverly Hills — 90210 — how could they get that wrong??

YAKKO: Is this you? Are you happily engrossed in inconsequential cartoon trivia, to the point that your socks can probably stand up by themselves? Well, if you are, there's hope — there's help — there's the...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET A LIFE Foundation!

Since its inception, the Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation has gently, and calmly, brought people back to earth.

GEEK 2: 'Kay, in "Gift of Gold", there's this guy with a T-shirt that says 839 on it, and that's the cartoonists' union, Local 839, okkay? But what's amazing is the episode number is 406-839!

YAKKO: Our staff of trained professionals will soothe you with their comforting therapy.
GEEK 3: In "Pavlov's Mice", Pavlov wasn't really interested in conditioned response, he just wanted some saliva to study.

YAKKO: Yes, even the toughest cases are solved in a nuturing, serene manner.
GEEK 4: In "Girlfeathers", the sign that says "Niagara Falls" is misspelled. <BONK> And "Chairman of the Bored" has this drawing that looks like Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, who were both in Kramer vs. Kramer, and they're sitting with the guy from Seinfeld who plays Kramer! And in "Woodstock Slappy" <WHANG>, you can see Scratchansniff for four frames on the magic bus; and Woodstock was '69, but they mention "Hair", which opened in 1970. In "Opportunity Knox", Brain is 'Mr. Perkins', which is the most common name in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, ten minutes from Fort Knox. And in "Christmas Plotz", Slappy wants 4<thud><thud> Nooo! Not him!!!
BALONEY: Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-hoo! Gosh-n-golly-ockums!! It's my yummy-yum-fun-fun-yummy-fun-yum-yum friend-a-loo! Huh-huh-huh-hoo!!!
YAKKO: Quick! It's not too late! Call us before you rewind to see what was in the room in the opening shot! There is hope — there is help — there is the
Y,W,D: Please, Please, Please Get a Life Foundation!!

GEEK 2: Thanks, Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation!
GEEK 3: I couldn't've done it without you!
GEEK 4: You guys are the G-reatest!
YAKKO: Call now! ...The life you get may be your own.
GEEK 1: Did you notice that the third "Pleese" was misspelled with two 'E's? I think that was intentional.

<ow> The iris-out-on-the-nose thing's been done!